What is a surgical light ?

The lighting of operating rooms in hospitals, and, more especially the lighting of operating zones, was a persistent problem which could interfere with certain surgical operations. Shadows, focussing and the heat from the light source were nuisance for the surgeons. The promiscuity between surgeons and patients, the tradition of holding courses during operations and the fact that operating rooms could be used for other purposes led to an increase in often fatal nosocomial infections.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the appearance of a new type of operating lamp, the scialytique BBT, which could light without casting shadows, at last brought a solution to the problem. But this new type of lighting not only increased the visual comfort of surgeons at work, it also had an impact in transforming the operating room into a dedicated space, the modern operating theatre. This highly specialised confined space could henceforth be sited where it was most convenient on the hospital site or inside the modern hospital building.

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