What is a laminar air flow ceiling ?

Laminar air flow ceilings ensures efficient protection against contamination which can occur during invasive acts and caused by airborne dead or living particles.

The ceilings are available in square or rectangular shapes in order to suit any room layout and answer specific requirements to create a clean zone around the patient, medical staff and medical devices.
Aerobiologically, the things that generate most airborne contamination in an operating theatre are the staff. The most common unit of contamination (colony forming unit – “cfu”) is a microcolony on an airborne skin scale. That microcolony will contain between 1 and 1,000 bacteria. (Microbial numbers are a critical factor in initiation of infection).
A significant purpose of operating theatre ventilation is to prevent airborne bacteria from settling-out in “the wound”.

Our laminar flow ceilings are mainly used with our Clinicair Air Handling Unit, but can be also adapted to any type of products from a different brand. This system is dedicated to operating theatres in order to meet ISO 5 standard (complying with EN ISO 14644-1 ) as well as to pharmaceutical industry. It helps fight cross contamination and hospital borne infections.

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