CTMP: the French mobile transport chamber for EBOLA patient.

CTMP is a transport chamber which protects the patient or the external environment from any cross contamination that could occur during land or air transportation.
The device was developed at the request and in cooperation with the Health Department of the French Armed Forces. After two years of development supported by ANVAR (French Agency for Innovation), the first eleven units were delivered to the health department of French Army. While basically designed for the transport of biologically contaminated patients, CTMP is also arousing the interest of various emergency medical services.

The chamber can operate in negative or positive/negative pressure mode (according to model) allowing wide usage within the hospital. Negative pressure: for transporting infected patients or patients suspected of biological contamination such as: viral hemorrhagic fever, SRAS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), smallpox, tuberculosis, meningitis, etc.

The French procedure of EBOLA patient transportation today imposes the use of CTMP2. This procedure has been put in place by the French Emergency Services (SAMU Urgences de France) and indicates that the transport of an EBOLA infected patient (or potentially infected) has to be made with special equipment defined by the Minister of Health, the CTMP2.

Positive pressure: for protection and transport of immune compromised patients: bubble child, aplasia, etc.

CTMP also allows medical assistance of the patient. In the upper part of the device there are sealed ports for introduction of medical connections. They can be linked to any medical equipment provided by medical team in charge of transport, saving up on new equipment training.

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